Object: Painting / Format: 120x90 cm / Materials: Acryl, black ink, graphite, toner transfer & vernis on canvas

Commissioned painting for CBA Architectes

This painting explores the complex relationship between architecture and nature. The various elements within the composition evoke the processes involved in the creation of architectural structures, from the meticulous planning to the detailed drawing of forms and spaces. The manually incorporated textures in the painting are based on a complex procedure that allows the transfer of photographic content onto canvas. These textures add layers of depth to the visual narrative, mirroring the complexity and richness of elements as they occur in nature, such as stone, granite, and soil. Various drawing materials like black ink and graphite are used to emphasize this impression. Color also plays a significant role in this thematic exploration. Certain tones within the image are reminiscent of those used in industrial contexts, such as the muted grays of concrete or the mint-colored green with which lockers in old factories used to be painted. These colors not only anchor the image in the realm of construction and industry but also create a dialogue between the artificial and the natural, emphasizing their interdependence.

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