Object: Murals / Process: acrylic paint on concrete / Year: 2020

This project, carried out in fall 2020, is the outcome of a competition for ideas organised by the municipality of Sanem in June 2019. The Kannercampus Belval site, with a total surface area of 23.150 m², consists of a school, a nursery, a child-care centre, a special education school and a sports hall. To create a visual unity between the various buildings, we proposed an artistic intervention which includes three major murals in the large stairwells of the three main campus buildings. These in situ works are painted directly on the concrete through a meticulous manual process, establishing a dialogue between the work of art and the architectural environment, creating a strong presence in the heart of the campus.

architects: petitcarrée luxembourg

Site picture © commune de Sanem

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