Object: Mural / Process: acrylic paint on concrete / Year: 2015-2016

A giant mural painting, designed and produced for the main corridor of the Administration Building of the new European School Luxembourg II in Bertrange. Commissioned by the Department for the Administration of Public Buildings, this project covers a surface area exceeding 1.000 m2.

Conceived as a longitudinal path, the mural creates visual and spatial markers along the enormous walkway that links the most important areas of the school. The various graphic worlds that make up the space, the variation in scale, the alternation of rhizomatic designs, the relationship between the colours, and the forms and patterns all punctuate the space. Graphic designs inspired by grid patterns represent real distances in metres and centimetres, echoing the layout plan of the slabs of prefabricated concrete blocks. In contrast with this geometric vocabulary unfurl biomorphic illustrations whose formal language evokes didactic scientific iconography.
Opting for a manual finish with a vibrant matt surface the artwork harmonises with the physicality of the exposed concrete. The viewer reads flatness in this immersive and contemplative work while visualising, at the same time, the spatial distances to be covered and exceeded. It can never be viewed in its entirety; indeed, it only reveals itself in movement, as a fragment.

Photos: Patty Neu & Éric Chenal © 2016

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