global village

Process: acrylic paint on roughcast / Dimensions: 142x11,5 m / Year: 2016

Original graphic design for the facade of the Jean-Monnet T Building, a temporary set of offices made available to the European Commission in Luxembourg-Kirchberg. The construction, based on a functionalist assembly of shipping containers, is like a long and narrow geometric envelope. The Idea was to superimpose on the already existing standardized precast frame, a graphic and chromatic grid that invites a symbolic reading. From the multicoloured world of shipping containers to the geometry of the flags of nations, from the Hippodamian Plan to communication networks, the geometric language of Global Village describes the structures of contemporary social reality. Resembling an urban neighbourhood, a network of agglomerations, Global Village lends a rhythm to the space of the European district and creates visual references in the grey prefab.

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