Process: Acrylic paint on roughcast / Surface: 136 m² / Year: 2019

An imaginary interpretation, more than a realistic representation, is perceived through an electro-mechanical world of gearwheels, steel cables, electronic circuits, hand cranks, control lamps and computer systems. P1 is an in situ intervention that exploits the dialogue between the artwork and its architectural environment. It creates a contrasting space in the heart of this large forum, giving it a special beat. The project is applied directly to the walls with matt premium facade colours.

P1 is the first part of a major artistic project created for the Junglinster secondary school in Luxembourg. P1 and P2 are the winning projects of a public submission organised by the Administration of Public Buildings, in 2017. The idea behind P1 is to highlight and indicate the lift’s presence in the school’s main hall. Playing with contrasts, inversions and alternations, the artistic intent is to offer a visualisation of the mechanics and internal electronic functions on the outside of the lift shaft. It can be seen as a counterweight, an image of the technical functions reflected outwards. The designs cover the four exterior walls of the shaft on a total of three floors.

Photos: © Patty Neu

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