Process: Acrylic paint on roughcast / Surface: 390 m² / Year: 2019

Graphic elements establish subtle yet very distinctive visual cues in the large corridors leading to the different changing rooms. Each step forward leads the way alongside sports-related components and colours, leaving it up to each person to interpret them according to personal experience and appeal. To facilitate orientation, the way to every changing room has its own graphic identity and defined colours. The walls talk of achievement, challenges and exploits to come. Indications of measurement–speed, length, height–further guide those walking here.

P2 is the second part of a major artistic project created for the Junglinster secondary school in Luxembourg. P1 and P2 are the winning projects of a public submission organised by the Administration of Public Buildings in 2017. With P2 the artist opens up for an inspiring graphic haven, paced by carefully placed white zones. These act like breathing spaces, giving a pulse-like rhythm to the work, similar to the fluctuating heart rate during a physical performance. The unique design includes both modern impressions of universal sport elements, and references to a more nostalgic teenage world. Some might see graphic allusions to certain 80's video games, others will recognise the deep blue colour of the thick, plastic mattress from the school gym and the faded colours of other well-used PE equipments there. All of which draw upon the artist's own memories. The P2 project will now create lasting images for a whole new generation of teenagers

Photos: © Patty Neu

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